I try a special Bahamian cocktail in The Bahamas: Coconut Sky Juice [classic article]

I’m always on the lookout for culturally authentic experiences for you to read about and, if they can be had at a bargain, even better! Recently, when in Nassau, Bahamas, I discovered (Coconut) Sky Juice. It’s delicious, cool, creamy and refreshing.

I try a special Bahamian cocktail in The Bahamas: Coconut Sky Juice

Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

The drink probably originated as a simple British cocktail, plausibly Brit sailor’s gin poured into a young coconut. Nowadays, it can have gin but also or instead, rum. Sometimes, it can be coconut rum and condensed, sweetened milk. Condensed, sweetened milk has long been an appreciated creamer in the the tropics: think Key lime pie and Vietnamese coffee. It works, because it’s canned! It’s not perishable until opened.

In town, the cocktail can run up to $16 or maybe even more at the private clubs. But at a little stand next to Ft. Montagu, you can get Sky Juice freshly made on the spot for (I think it was, the rum hit fast!) just $5! The fresh, young coconut just can’t be duplicated in the same way at home . . . you have to go to The Bahamas!

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