Edible transformation: Savvy Stone Elixirs [classic article]

Spring. Passover. Easter. Equinox. This is the season of transformation, so it’s nice to make changes to your life by what you drink! It’s not just about the vitamins and weight considerations; change can come in many forms. Savvy Stone Elixirs are drops that you take twice a day. I was happy to be hosted to experience them! They are handcrafted and available on Etsy.

They are convenient little bottles that you can tuck into a purse or jacket pocket. These work on a very subtle, vibrational level — open yourself up to it! Each is made with care and intention. Special stones are immersed in organic alcohol and spring water. Each stone is honored and asked for its divine and energetic blessing. All elements are cleared with sage before being used. There are also kits that are created to work synergistically.

You just take 5-10 flavorless drops under the tongue twice a day.

What kind of changes/stones are there? Dozens, even more than what’s listed on the Etsy site, so be sure to ask for what you might need. Amethyst, for example, is for awareness, integration, meditation and the Crown chakra. It’s associated with Aquarius, the planets Jupiter and Neptune. Its element is wind. The amethyst’s calming energy is said to promote deep meditation.

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