Fine coffee roasted in-house, tasty local food: Door County Coffee & Tea Co. [classic article]

We in Baltimore are pretty spoiled, having fine coffees roasted in-house or down the road. We expect it in our finest restaurants. For those of us who need the java to wake up in the morning, stay awake during the day or finish a great restaurant meal with a nice snap, great coffee is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. When we’re on the road, traveling, it creates a big hole in our lives if we can’t find what we love.

Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Door County Coffee & Tea Co., located in Carlsville, has devotees from around the country. I did learn that Midwesterners and bed & breakfasts like a mildly roasted roasted blend of coffee, while the Deep South likes a rich, dark coffee. The roasting is done on site from 100 specialty grade Arabica beans. I also learned that you want a variety of sizes in your grind for flavor and efficiency. I wish we could have smell-o-vision on the site, so you could experience the aromas!

They sell their full line at their cafe/full restaurant’s gift shop. They also can do custom labels for weddings, meetings, etc., like, your names and “The Perfect Blend”. They also sell their coffee in all kinds of seasonal flavors.

Food-wise, they hit the mark, too. They really endeavor to keep things local, like with Wisconsin smoked salmon (Did you know salmon of many kinds swim there? I did not.), Door County cherries, baked egg dishes from a local church cookbook, Toast and Bea’s chopped cherry jam, bacon from Bley’s in Jacksonport and even Renard family cheeses. The bacon was meaty and thick-cut, fairly lean. The cheeses ranged from mostly mild classics to a bit of a sharper, orange cheddar.

Their hash bake attracts visitors to your table, wanting to dig a fork in! It’s got onions, spices, cheddar and hash browns, along with a crispy topping that I think is smashed Corn Flakes.

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