Fun summer cocktail recipe usin’ ‘corn likker moonshine’ — Buffalo Trace’s White Dog Mash [classic article]

This week’s been something, with record 105 heat index temps. Makes you long for the days of snowcones, huh? The dog days of summer at Buffalo Trace are called “the white dog days of summer”. That’s when they stop distilling for the summer, before their liquor ages/caramelizes in oak barrels. Now corn liquor is very much above-board and not needing the services of NASCAR drivers to distribute. I was very happy to be invited to try Buffalo Trace’s new White Dog Mash #1.

White Dog Mash has a distinct fresh sweet corn/malted corn nose to it and flavor as well. That makes it a completely different creature than vodka, for example. It’s also got a 125 proof.

Taking that scent and flavor into account, I concocted a summery cocktail that is refreshing and has a sweet/tart note that goes so well with White Dog Mash. It’s also so simple to make! Serve it in a big frosted beer mug with crushed or shaved ice to get the party started.

Take 1 cup of Red Jacket Orchards’ Joe’s Summer Blend apple/lemon juice — available at Whole Foods
Add 1/2 teas. flowery honey, such as West Virginia Basswood   

Add 1 jigger Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash #1

Stir. Pour in frosted beer mug, fill with crushed or shaved ice. Garnish with fresh mint (I grow mine on the windowsill) and slice of fresh lemon.


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