Fusion and local Caribbean cuisine: Grand Bahama Island’s Sabor [classic article]

I live in a seafood destination, so I understand that your palate wants a switch-up e’ry once in a while! Sabor in Grand Bahama Island is using fresh, local seafood and produce in a variety of ways. I guess they say it can’t all be about conch salad — but I don’t know about that! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

Sabor overlooks the yachts in the Port Lucaya marina, so even if you just go for a drink, it’s worth it. You sit outside on a deck and the view is gorgeous! You can get all the traditional Bahamian rum cocktails here, such as Goombay Smash, with rum, coconut rum, pineapple juice and lime juice. Some other places also feature gin drinks, from the country’s British history. Sabor has small plates and flat breads incorporating locally brewed Sands beer.

The menu features American, Bahamian, Italian, Thai and Mexican food . . . it’s my understanding that in previous incarnations, the menu explained the fusion. I would have liked that, because if the chef were of a particular culture or training, I would want to order from his native specialties. Because I didn’t know the connection and I was a visitor to Grand Bahama Island (I’m certainly not tired of their local fare!), I stuck with Bahamian cuisine. This is a part of the world where grouper is the freshest — and theirs did not disappoint. It’s in a not-too-spicy chili glaze.

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