Maryland’s Burley Oak Brewing Co. [classic article]

Berlin, Maryland has gained a new brewery and tasting room: Burley Oak Brewing Co. During these brutally hot days, doesn’t it sound like fun to try a few cold ones? I assure you, it is!

You can do tastings of their beers — about 12 at any given time — for $2 per tasting glass, about 4 oz. The space is a wood adorned shed with concrete floors. . . yet, it has the elegance of a wine tasting facility. Roots rock plays in the background. They have special events going on, like an open mic night on Tuesdays, game night on Wednesdays and live music until midnight on the weekends.

Port D’Orange is refreshing and lightly orange. They describe it like this: Port d’Orange 5% 20 IBUWe collaborated with Harborside for their 19th anniversary and “crushed” this brew with a boatload of orange and grapefruit zest. A Slightly tangy Belgian Wit with a full citrus ride. Here’s what I said about Harborside.

SummaRye is rich yet light, not overly sweet but still having caramel notes. Here’s what they say about it: SummaRye 6% 32 IBU A farmhouse saison brewed with rye and Belgian rock candy sugar. This ale cuts through the hot days of summer.

Bunker-C is like dark black iced coffee. Here’s what they say about it: Bunker-C 6.6% 35 IBU A robust porter, roasty with a touch of chocolate. Black as crude oil, but as drinkable as kool aid, “Drink the Kool Aid”.

If you’re in the mood for something non-alcoholic, they brew their own root beer, with a serious wintergreen hit.


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