Beefalo Bob [classical article]

I must confess, I once passed by the Mountain Road branch (take-out only) of Beefalo Bob’s on the way to an appointment. I didn’t go in, but their cute logo of a cow wearing a cowboy hat stuck in my head for years. I pictured a whole licensing division, including footie pajamas with the Beefalo Bob cow.

Pit beef is a Baltimore area tradition and probably, people around here eat pit beef with much more frequency than crabs. Pit beef is an art. Amateurs muck up the picture with lighter fluid splashes (yes, yes, it happens) or the lack of quality of the meat. Or, people will not want to brave the outdoor pit beef stands once the temperature drops.


Beefalo Bob’s is an artist of the meat. It’s not over-seasoned, the quality is really excellent and they prepare it EXACTLY as you specify. They now have a sports bar and special event venue branch on Ft. Smallwood Road. That means, 7 days a week, all year round, you can get that taste of summer! When I went there, the venue side was having a fancy party… I can just imagine little mini rolls with delicious pit beef being served on silver platters.


They have lots of seafood, appetizers, salads, soup, wraps, steaks, and ribs… if you want a little something to go with your pit turkey, pit, or beef sandwich. Seriously, sometimes you might be with someone who wants a little salad or other lighter fare while you scarf down the specialty of the house and that’s fine. The sandwiches are gi-normous and tender! Beefalo Bob’s will even do bagged lunches for your company for $9.95 a person. That’s a terrific idea for Christmas office parties this season at an affordable price.


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