Do you know about food sheds? [classic article]

When we talk about eating locally in Baltimore, what do we mean? Each area has its own micro climates and if you enjoy eating a wide variety of food – which is the healthiest way of eating – then you’ll have to eat things that aren’t grown in your own backyard. I recently picked up a pamphlet at Whole Foods about our local and regional food sheds. It put an interesting perspective on things!

Our local and regional food sheds include Maryland – of course – Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and even Indiana. Ah, I can read your mind now: “I can see getting things from a handful of hours away in New Jersey or North Carolina, but Ohio? Kentucky? Indiana? Tennessee?” But if you look at certain points on a Maryland map, such as Friendsville, you’ll realize that we’re two hours from the Ohio line and just four hours after that to Indiana. As for Tennessee or Kentucky, if you leave Baltimore at lunch, you can get there in time for supper.

So, if you’re wondering about such delicacies as the finest popping corn, lima beans and sorghum . . . much of it is local to us.

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