Cabeau compression socks [classic article]

There are some people who have been warned that without compression socks, they shouldn’t even be flying: those people with circulatory issues, etc. Reputedly, flight crew members have known this for years and always wear compression socks. Cabeau to the rescue of travelers again!

Their Black Bamboo Compression Socks offer “Systematically apply graduated pressure to the lower legs, increasing blood flow back towards the heart.” According to, this can happen: “The leg muscles that normally aid in pushing the blood back to the heart become inactive from hours of sitting, causing the blood circulation throughout the body to slow down considerably.

In worst the case scenario, this can create a situation where the blood flow becomes so slow that potentially dangerous blood clots can form in your legs.  This potentially life threatening condition is also known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT).”

These are no ordinary socks, I assure you. I was very glad to have been given the opportunity to try them!

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