Avalon Fest Featuring Music, Lots of Nudity [classic article]

As first seen in Graffiti magazine

So, are you looking for something really different to do this summer? Well, how ‘bout a clothing optional music fest? Avalon, the nudist resort in Paw Paw (Hampshire County), is having its big annual shindig Aug. 8–10. There will be lots of music, arts and crafts … and yes, all ages are invited. According to a staff member, “Several hundred attend, a lot. People come from all over.”

Festival tickets will let you tent camp, use their indoor and outdoor pools, spa, casino and all the other facilities at the resort. The campsite has men’s and women’s bathhouses with indoor and outdoor showers, stationary sinks for dishwashing, and laundry facilities. While the restaurant serves set meals, snacks are available poolside. Tickets range from $25 to $125, depending on whether you buy in advance and whether you are attending all three days.

This year, the performers scheduled include Small Potatoes, Stephanie Corby, Ricochet, Joe Giacoio (winner of their songwriting contest last year), The Hula Monsters, Mike Agranoff, David LaFleur, Jack Williams, Bare Bones, Critton Hollow String Band and Blue Daze. There will be a broad range from folk to rockabilly to jazz.

I read your mind as if you are standing right in front of me. All the questions! First of all, Avalon strives for a family atmosphere, not a sleazy, Playboy mansion one. Lingerie wearing is highly discouraged. Being a “clothing optional” resort, people will wear a shirt or little pareo if they are chilly. The property is around 200 acres in total, much of it wooded. Avalon tells people they can disrobe at “their own pace” and this is kinda sorta true — to a point. Full nudity is required in the pools, the hot tub and the sauna. You have to bring your own towel or buy them. That towel needs to come with you everywhere you go and that’s what you sit on. Permission must be granted from the management before taking photos. They advise you to “bring a book to read.” It’s not a bad idea; if you are staying at the lodge, there aren’t any TVs in the rooms. The lodge is rather Spartan in feel, having once served as the campgrounds for a religious order.

There are some unique resort policies that don’t have anything to do with nudity. You can bring a pet of all species, as long as they “don’t annoy anyone” and you clean up after them. Smoking is allowed only in certain rooms. You can bring beer, wine and liquor to your campsite, but not into common areas, due to ABC laws. For more information, check out https://www.avalon-resort.com/ 

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