The luxury of soft hands while traveling with Molton Brown [classic article]

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Traveling — whether for you go for leisure or business — is rough on your hands. Did you know that just handling a lot of paper as you typically do when you travel, like maps, itineraries, programs and brochures, leaches oils out of your skin? Cabin air on airplanes is especially dry with recycled air. Sightseeing, whether at the beach, in the city or in the mountains, can all wreak havoc on your hands. Even the water at various hotels around the world has different chemical compositions . . . again, conspiring to take away your hands’ beauty.

Now there’s luxury British brand Molton Brown to the rescue. I was happy to be hosted to experience it! You’ll find Molton Brown toiletries at the most luxurious hotels and in some airlines’ First Class amenities kits.

Molton Brown doesn’t have just one kind of cream: there are many! You’ll have different needs at different times of the year. Rhubarb & Rose Replenishing Hand Cream is a medium consistency — it will get you through everything but the nastiest winds — with the most indulgent, exquisite ingredients! It has rose extract, which has been used since Biblical times for important fragrance products by royalty and various clergy. Folklorists say it aids in obtaining love and battling depression. The cream also has white truffle extract! Not only is that a rare ingredient, but those fungi types of ingredients are said to help with anti-aging.

This is what they say about the fragrance:

Top note: Rhubarb extract to keep hands healthy.
Middle note: Rose extract (to help moisturize).
Base note: Aromas of zesty yuzu and grapefruit.

This product is perfectly sized for jet-setting 3-1-1 carry-on travel bags . . . of course!

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