Keep your tunes when you travel with audio-technica Solid Bass® Wireless In-ear Headphones [classic article]

(As first seen on When you’re traveling, you don’t want to get caught up in wires, have limited reach or have to put your valuable smart phone in view of others. With new wireless-Bluetooth enabled technology, you can listen to your music and podcasts hands and wire free with audio-technica Solid Bass® Wireless In-ear Headphones! I was happy to be hosted to experience them.

These are a new product from audio-technica, one of the leaders in sound technology. Now, you don’t have to pick between attributes of deep bass, wireless, great sound: you can have it all!

First, charge the headphones via an enclosed USB cable. Keep them on a charger for several hours; I kept them on overnight. Then, press the power button for a few seconds steadily. Your device should recognize them through Bluetooth technology (remember to turn on Bluetooth on your device!). You will also press then button steadily to turn it off.

These headphones themselves have powerful volume capabilities: consumers are advised to turn the volume on your device down when first using it, to not be shocked by loud sound or harm your hearing.

The headphones are pre-fitted with medium sized in-ear buds and include a replacement set of small, medium and large sized ear buds for a more customized fit. They fit around the back of your head, lightly and comfortably. They’re a discreet black color.

Travelers note: they advise consumers not to use the headphones on aircraft, as they may affect the plane’s radio transmission.

Still, there are lots of other travel situations where you can use them: trains, buses, even long, boring car trips! They’re perfect for use in the library, waiting rooms, dorm rooms. hotel rooms, apartments, condos and the gym — just put your smart phone in your pocket! This is much safer for your expensive smart phone or other device, as you can safely stow it up to 30 feet away and not have it bounce around, like on on a treadmill or stationary bike. They do point out in the owners manual to keep the volume a bit lower on public conveyances. Also, due to their exceptional acoustic seal, you can’t hear ambient noise, so don’t use them at times when that could put you in peril, such as when crossing railroad tracks, on a dark street, walking in an alley, etc.

They come with in-line mic and control, so you can accept phone calls from a phone and change the volume without fishing out your device.

They achieve exceptionally rich bass register sound by means of an extra chamber above the housing. That’s sort of like the raised ceilings in the world’s greatest concert halls!

I tested the bass qualities listening to some old school songs known for their bass: Marshall Tucker Band with the late, great George McCorkle, Ike and Tina doing Proud Mary, some funky Jackson 5. This improved my little smart phone into another category altogether! It occurred to me that the music I was hearing sounded like that rich surround sound you hear in movie theaters. I then tested out this theory by listening to some soundtracks I had: Cabaret, Fiddler on the Roof, Les Miserables. It absolutely had theater-like sound!

You can pair Solid Bass® Wireless In-ear Headphones with any Bluetooth enabled device that plays music, including phones, tablets and laptops.

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