An important piece of travel gear to consider: NuGuard KX for iPhones [classic article]

(As first seen on Don’t expose such an important, expensive piece of travel gear as your iPhone to cracking and breaking without a case. One slip and the whole thing can become shards of glass and ceramic in a second!  Realistically, you probably should buy a protective case before you buy your phone. Maybe you think you’ll get a protective case “soon”, “eventually” or “down the line”. Possibly you have a mental block about spending any more cash after shelling out so much for the equipment itself. Would you believe my husband dropped his brand new phone walking from the store to the car? His purchase was maybe 90 seconds old!

Travel gear-wise, you don’t have to be a mountain climber to need sturdy protection for that important equipment — though if you are, you definitely need it! After all, having the ability to call for help could save your life one day. Older folks or just those with “butter fingers” also need tough protection. Now there’s NuGuard KX to the rescue! I was glad to be hosted to experience it.

This is a military drop-tested protective hard case for all the different iPhone models, certified “mil-std-8 10G US”. Yet, it doesn’t feel like a thick car tire around your phone, like some “tough cases” can. You’ll still be able to fit it in a tight jeans pocket, for example. It’s really pretty thin! The NuGuard KX has a softer core and hard shell. If you can snap on one of those rubberized food lids onto a bowl, you can put this on your phone. It comes in several colors, from those that would match all the different branches of military uniforms to girly. There are even a few patterns, such as stars and stripes.

This is the type of travel gear that you’ll be grateful for on the road, but also use it every day at home. An investment upfront could provide savings and peace of mind on your journeys.

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