What you eat can change your spirit: The Pinecone Apothecary [classic article]

What you eat can change your spirit: The Pinecone Apothecary
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Perhaps you’re looking to get more grounded and/or celestial in what you ingest. Isn’t there a little Alice in Wonderland in all of us? There are different qualities and types of nourishment from flowers, herbs and minerals. What if, instead of swallowing pills supplements made by corporations, you could enrich your body and spirit with hand-crafted essences and chocolates? The Pinecone Apothecary has all kinds of easy to take goodies for what ails ya’! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

The crown jewel, as it were, of the collection are Praecantrix Elixirs. They are subtly flavored drops that you can add to any liquid. I’ve been adding them to tea, sparkling water, fruit juices. I’d say the Gem Essence Collection is the way to go, because you can convenient take the little bottles — whichever ones you need — wherever you go. It’s also good to have a wide selection, because you don’t feel the same way every day, do you?

Here’s what they say about them


Lots of people know about the healing, joyful properties of chocolate, but The Pinecone Apothecary improves upon it. I got to try their Burdock chocolate, chock full of candied ginger as well. It touches on many of the flavors we can detect: sweet, bitter, spice. I once ate at a Michelin restaurant in Yilan City, Taiwan, where as a matter of philosophy, the contrast of flavors equals the contrast of life experience. The Pinecone Apothecary gets it! Here’s what they say about it:


According to Witchipedia, burdock has many traditional uses:


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