A picnic at WV’s Cacapon State Park beach [classic article]

Circumstances and palettes kind of narrowed the dining options on the way to the beach at Cacapon State Park in Morgan County, West Virginia this past weekend. The park is very near to Berkeley Springs: famed for its water, George Washington, etc. I wasn’t on top of things this week enough to go to Eddie’s of Roland Park or Graul’s and get some prepared foods ahead of time.

On the way, I could have stopped at Blue Goose Market, but they got a little weird on Facebook after I wrote about them in ’11. I miss Hepburn’s — the family business that was sold — but probably don’t need to eat a caramel apple pie on the beach.

Cacapon does have a snack shack on the beach, but I was looking for something a tad more substantial for lunch.

For more of the flavors, please click the list below!!

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