Fresh, hydrated skin while traveling: Amarte[classic article]

It’s summertime! Our skincare needs while traveling are radically different than when it’s blustery out and yet, we certainly need moisture to stay young looking and feel comfortable on planes, in deserts, at the beach. Moist, comfortable skin seems to be more resistant to other kinds of aging, such as dehydrated wrinkles. But there’s a limit to what skin treatments feel comfortable in the extreme heat. Heavy creams just won’t do!
                                  Fresh, hydrated skin while traveling: Amarte’

The Korean luxury skincare line, Amarte, has a new “Aqua” line with refreshing, soothing products. I was very happy to be hosted to experience it!

Are you like I used to be, not using moisturizer when you should have? You didn’t want anything greasy or heavy or goopy on your face, so you went unprotected. I get it!

Aqua Veil® Pure Hydration Serum is a creme-gel texture that absorbs easily. It has a delicious, light, cucumber scent. You’ll definitely be able to apply any type of makeup over it, even powders — so important in the summer. You don’t want your makeup sinking or pilling, especially if you need to apply coverup/concealer or need to use color correctors on rashy, red skin. Powder doesn’t like to sit on rich creams.

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