A round-up of summer beauty treats

In the thick of summer, it’s hard to look your best. And yet, that’s when people see you more frequently and more of you! With sun, humidity, sea water and pool water, our skin takes a beating. Also, with long days and nights – we enjoy them so much – we’re often too jazzed to get to bed. Here’s a roundup of summer beauty treats to help us fight the good fight. I was happy to be hosted to experience them.

This Works is a line created by a former beauty director of Vogue UK. The concept point of difference is that the products focus on 24-hour efficacy, including a good night’s sleep and our body’s own circadian rhythms. Environmental and life stressors take a toll – but This Works helps get us the “beauty sleep” our moms all taught us about. The company’s packaging is not only innovative, but also product enhancing: plastic tube pumps that shut out decomposing light, air and pesky skin oils/germs have a small counter footprint and ease of use in the bathroom . . . no matter how slippery your fingers are. The brand is divided into several ranges and skin concerns.

  • Let’s start with what my friend Claire calls “your charms”: perfect cleavage firming lotion utilizes tautening marine algae, moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid and softening/nourishing botanical oils like almond, grapeseed and black currant. The ingredients are rich in Vitamins C and E. décolletage is hard to treat: sagging and dryness, with thin skin that can’t handle heavy creams, needs a special product. This lotion has a rich consistency, yet is easily spread and absorbed, leaving a dry to the touch, yet silky feel. There’s a natural herbal scent. While it won’t take the place of a bra, your skin will feel smooth and plumped. It’s suitable for sensitive skin, so you don’t have to worry about breaking out.
  • Are you fascinated by Asian skin rituals/K-beauty? Do you feel like your complexion needs that extra little something? But perhaps you already know your face and décolletage can’t take oils or peels. For a boost, try no wrinkles wonder essence. They call it “Your beautician in a bottle, a daily treatment to help reduce skin imperfections”. Use it as a pre-serum or light serum. The application process involves pumping out 2 or 3 drops, warming the woody-scented satiny fluid in your hands and pressing it into your face, neck and décolletage. Protease enzymes work as mild, subtle and gentle exfoliators. Hyaluronic Acid attracts moisture in the air. It will make any product you use afterwards work much better, as it does pre-smoothing and pre-moisturizing. It will help with difficult to fix skin texture problems.
  • When you need overnight help, but don’t want to use something that’s positively embarrassing to wear to bed, you’re looking for no wrinkles night repair. So, what’s in it? Persian Silk Tree extract, Cactus Flower extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol all fight the cell build-up that occurs when you don’t get your forty winks. It will help brighten your complexion . . . but still get your proper sleep, please! This is billed as a serum to be worn under moisturizer; however, you’ll find that it pumps out a white, slightly thicker lotion consistency. You’ll feel plenty moist without feeling greasy at all.
  • I have a glamorous Austrian neighbor of “a certain age” named Aurelia. Even that name is glamourous, no? She taught me last year that one of the pleasures of living alone is the ability to luxuriate in the tub without a soul bothering you. To start prepping and relaxing worn-out muscles, benefit from aromatherapy and detox by way of bath salts, try deep sleep bath soak. Historically acclaimed lavender (prized by the ancient Romans), Vetivert and Wild Chamomile (just like the tea helps you with sleepytime), along with patchouli and sea salt blend for a rich, exotic and intense floral scent. It’s not colored, so don’t worrying about staining your tile and ceramics.
  • This Works has a broad range of other sleep aid health-beauty products, including deep sleep pillow spray. This is an easy to use product that will let you fall asleep faster, yet not wake up groggy. Though it has the same basic blend as the bath soak, there’s a heavier lean toward the patchouli. Will using the two items together make you dream of souks and hammams? Having traveled to the Middle East, I can tell you that would be a fun thing!

Do you love discovering exotic cult beauty brands as much as I do? I’ve got that sub-conscious feeling that someone somewhere else has discovered something akin to the Fountain of Youth. Dr. Roebuck’s is made in Australia. The company concept was created by two physicians whose twin daughters had Eczema. Naturally, the docs envisioned high-quality, effective ingredients. The daughters expanded the line into beauty skincare. And, to emphasize the health and holistic aspects of great skin, they list specialized skin diets for different complexion issues.

  • Boost and Tighten Serum is one of their newer products. Cased in a dark glass bottle with eye dropper (maybe a pump would be better?), it contains unfamiliar ingredients that provide visible results. You’ll see rehydrated, plumped skin. The polysaccharide and antioxidant pullulan, cell membrane stabilizing rosehip extract, the lipid restoring (and keratin hardening preventative) Inca Inchi oil and amino acid creatine all work synergistically. The serum has a fluid gel consistency, milky golden color and lemongrass scent.
  • Reverse Aging Serum doesn’t have much of a fragrance. Creatine is combined with several fatty acids, such as Evening Primrose oil, along with Vitamin B3 and an ingredient called Gatuline In-tense – a naturally derived active firming ingredient. It absorbs well into the skin and when evenly applied, should not affect makeup application.
  • Polish is a 2-in 1 mask-scrub. Unlike the highly abrading scrubs made of nut and seed shells of the 1980s, this is a creamy with a hint of texture product. You leave it on for a few minutes, then gently scrub off. Still, keep it away from broken skin. It has jojoba beads and Vitamin E: round and soothing, not jagged and tearing.

m/f is also an interesting new brand! Created by a lifestyle innovator in many areas – clothing, juices, etc. – he’s now branched into high quality everyday skincare products that are billed as “gender neutral essentials” with a minimalist presentation.

  • Super scrub face is sand fine, to provide a perfect exfoliating experience. It’s in a base that includes such hydrating goodies as hyaluronic acid, red tea and glycerin.
  • Hyaluronic face cream will be beloved by all ages, all skin conditions. It’s got a rich aloe-like consistency, providing moisture without greasiness or waxiness. It feels comforting, like a balm, but isn’t pore clogging.


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