Travelers: take pro-quality pics on your iPhone with Olloclip [classic article]

Traveling all over the world in so many situations, there are lots of times I don’t want to lug around a camera and neither do you. Taking pics at formal dinner with member of the aristocracy? Snapping shots of ladies of the night in Amsterdam? Quick shots of celebs? You’ll need your phone. I’ve had problems with my camera’s SIM card conking out and corrupting — making the phone the only way of memorializing the occasion. However, I was always envious of the effects that the pro photographers get with their various lenses and cameras. I wanted to have my cake and eat it too! Now, there’s Olloclip — bridging that gap. I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

Whether you have an iPhone 4, 4s or 5, there are special products for each model. The 4-In-One lens system is ingenious! Said to be the size of 10 quarters — eyeballing it, that seems about right — it’s a way of having a fisheye, wide-angle and two different macro (close-up) lenses added to your phone’s pocket of tricks.

I don’t have a lot of experience with changing lenses. But, looking at Olloclip’s web site, everything was explained and instantly clear to me. You take the clip and hook it over the phone’s lens. Then, you can reverse it for other effects or screw off the 2 lenses for even more effects. I saw on the website when to use the 10x or 15x macro lenses.

Tips and Tricks section:

There is also a free iTunes app for the olloclip to check out:

The olloclip app includes separate modes and editing tools, each with specialized features to build on the advantages already enjoyed with the olloclip lens system:

· The Loupe tool captures extreme close-ups in Macro mode. Zoom in an additional 2X, 2.5X or 3X to help adjust the focus on the macro image.

· The Mesh Editing tool adjusts the curvature in photos already captured to achieve an appealing result.

· The Reticles tool allows for adjusting the focus and the exposure independently or together for shots about to be captured. Simply tap the icon to lock the two on any point in the viewfinder screen.

· Video Mode – capture video while using the reticles.

· Macro Mode – zoom in with 10x magnification – magnify the image to make sure that the focus is perfect.

The lenses come in a teeny little drawstring bag that doubles as a lens cleaning cloth. Each lens even has a lens cap, just like the finest camera equipment. You can stick it into most any kind of pants or jacket pocket discreetly.

Another Olloclip product is a case that you can mount a tripod or video equipment with to your iPhone!

This easy to use technology is very high quality and it’s definitely going to be a staple in my travel and home picture taking.

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