Travel beautifully with beautiful hair: Conair Contemporaries Wood Stylers[classic article]

Not all travel is about the backpack or the tiny carry-on, cramming whatever you need for the weekend. Some journeys are longer, making you want more of the comforts of home: a sabbatical, taking care of relatives, summer cottage, world cruises.

Part of what makes you feel more at home is having a beautiful vanity area at which to prepare yourself to face the world. I’ve heard some describe it as “a woman’s self-transformation altar”.

At your dresser, you should have something beautiful and useful. What about a terrific hairbrush that’s pretty and makes you pretty? Enter the Conair Contemporaries™ Paddle Brush. I was happy to be hosted to experience it! The Paddle Brush is a stained wood brush, crafted from sustainably harvested Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood. There are four different colors; Ocean Blue is a particularly good-looking blue-green. The brush has a flexible cushion and ball-tipped bristles, so as not to tear your hair. It can safely de-tangle wet and dry hair.

A paddle brush in particular is for smoothing larger surfaces of hair, which does created a glossy finish. Professional hairdressers backstage, for instance, always keep a paddle brush for final touch-ups.

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