Travelers: beat Mother Nature with Earth Therapeutics Cucumber Eye Care Kit[classic article]

Pick up any vintage beauty book – and I have hundredsin my home library – and you’ll find lots of advice for getting rid of puffy eyes with cucumber slices. But if you’re traveling, that’s a non-starter. It should also be if you’re staying home. Have you ever actually tried it?

have. I don’t know if it’s because the cucumber was covered in pesticides, if it was rotten or what. All I know, what was supposed to be a fun “spa night,” ended up with my eyes swollen like two hams.

I would have been better off leaving it to the pros, using Earth Therapeutics Cucumber Eye Care Kit. I was glad to have been hosted to experience it! It consists of two parts: Recover-E Cucumber Eye Pads and the Soothing Beauty Mask. The mask will fit in a 3-1-1 carry-on travel bag, but the eye pads wouldn’t even have to go in there.

The pads are towelette-like, infused with real cucumber extract, green tea and Vitamin E. You place them on your eyes – or anywhere that might be irritated, puffy for 10-30 minutes. Genius for days when your sinuses are swollen or you have a bit of a sun burn! So convenient, too.

The mask is different from those fluid-filled masks you may have seen in the past – they’re filled with gel. That’s an innovation, because the temperature doesn’t get too “freezy” on your face. You keep it in the fridge or in one of those cool packs when you’re traveling. Then, Velcro it around your head like a mask, or lay it on any other over-heated part of your body. It’s sensational for relaxing, headaches, waking up in the morning. It’s also good prior to applying cosmetics for a special night out or for photos.

Earth Therapeutics products are affordable and available at many places, including big box stores.

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