Tale of two livers — foie gras, etc. — at Baltimore’s Petit Louis [classic article]

I can’t remember when I had a more meat-a-licious dinner, but with a good flavor and texture balance, it didn’t feel overly heavy. Baltimore’s Petit Louis gets it all right, again.

I knew I would be ordering as an appetizer the Terrine a la mode Landaise — foie gras terrine — because it’s my favorite! Though I would probably order straight out seared foie gras if it were offered, I still enjoy the rich spread with fat cap. It’s firm in texture and very creamy/mild. It doesn’t have a “livery” flavor at all. It fact, the sweetness of the meat is best accompanied by a glass of Sauternes.

The house appetizer of the day was chicken liver mousse. Dare I order two forms of liver in one meal? I did! I was interested in learning the differences between the two flavors — duck, chicken — as well as texture in their various preparations. I didn’t want to just sit there and wonder or to just rely on someone’s description. So, I decided to just go for it.

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