Protect yourself in the sun and elements with Tilley hats (Photos) [classic article]

I have many hats — maybe it comes with the territory of being a Kentucky Colonel — but now, I have a quality hat. Tilley hats come with all kinds of unusual benefits. I’m very happy to have been given the opportunity to experience them!

Let’s have a very serious talk about why you should be wearing hats outdoors. Whether you’re just walking around or living the sporty life, you should be wearing a hat. You should be protecting your face from the sun. Many years ago, a gas stove exploded in my face. If I get any significant sun on my face, the scars come right back out. I’ve also been warned that even accidentally burned skin like mine is more susceptible to skin cancer. Terrible! Tilley hats have 50+ UPF, the highest sun protection rating given.

But really, when there are beautiful hat options out there like Tilley has, it’s not a hardship to always wear a hat outdoors.

Fedoras are all the rage these days with both men and women. That’s just one of the many Tilley styles available, something for each taste. Most Tilley hats — other than the raffia and shantung varieties, which does include the Fedora — comes with a lifetime guarantee, removable and washable sweatbands, fore/aft cords to keep it on in the wind and even a secret pocket! In this secret pocket, you can stash an id, some dollar bills, a key, whatever. It’s great for being hands-free at a party or bar.

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