Stay gorgeous while traveling with the Cool-It Caddy [classic article]

It’s a misconception that active, global travelers are mostly fresh-scrubbed backpackers. I find myself all over the globe — in all kinds of weather conditions — meeting foreign dignitaries and aristocracy, as well as multinational executives. Frequently, I’m expected to pose for photographs with them. Traveling with cosmetics is mandatory!

But, how are you supposed to keep your makeup from going all disgusting in your bag in heated conditions? The Cool-It Caddy to the rescue! I’m glad I was given the opportunity to have one and learn about it . . .

It’s a series of bags and cases with built-in gel coolers — you pop the bag into the freezer. They’re cute and with a thin gel cushion, easy to pack things in. There are even external pockets, to put keys, ids, hotel key cards, etc., so you can even dispense with small pocketbooks.

Makeup artists: you no longer have to carry gel packs in boxes to sets, studios, etc.

I actually have a bunch of those old-fashioned packs, but couldn’t use them during the last derecho, when the power was out and temps at 100 degrees +: they were commandeered to save groceries from rotting.

I wish they had the Cool-It Caddy around when I was in pageants: I still remember lugging a modified fishing tackle box in the heat up Jefferson’s Rock in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia for a photo shoot.

The Cool-It Caddy is also good for keeping medications cool, such as insulin.

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