Roadfood is right! Chubby’s BBQ in Emmitsburg is destination dining [classic article]

When they’re right, they’re right. Jane and Michael Stern of Roadfood declared Chubby’s Barbecue in Emmitsburg, Maryland destination dining and man, there’s some good eatin’ there. Meals are made to order, so patience is a virtue.

They don’t just stop at the usual faves, like pit beef, ribs, pulled pork — though they do an excellent job. You’ll also find smoked sausages with a special sauce and the excellent smoked pork belly. It’s crispy on the outside, tender and unctuous on the inside.

They do their own fried chicken, thick and crunchy style.

The sides are not only homemade, but each one is afforded the same attention and luxurious attention to detail as the main dishes. Collard greens are packed with meats like sausage, cube of potatoes. They’re tangy with vinegar flavor and still retain their texture.

They have a unique and scrumptious side dish: potatoes with sausage and onions. Originally, I pictured it with sausage in casings, but it’s made with ground sausage and yay, no green peppers! It’s kind of like a German potato salad without the vinegar.

Their cornbread is sweet, rich and moist.

The macaroni and cheese is also rich, cheesy, creamy-style, pleasantly seasoned.

Chubby’s makes their own sauces in several styles.

Celebrities who have discovered Chubby’s include Bill Murray, Dolly Parton, and Kevin Costner. Politicians visiting nearby Camp David also have made it a favorite eatery.

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