Fresh goat milk coffee drinks at Wilderness Ranch: Seven Stars Bay, Taiwan [classic article]

Do you like discovering barely-known restaurants? In Seven Stars Bay, Hualien County, Taiwan — a bay that’s part of the Pacific Ocean — is Wilderness Ranch. Take a look at the YouTube video of it HERE. The place is barely known, even to locals, but it should be famous. Their cafe’ has goats right outside that are milked for their drinks and desserts. Also outside — visible through their huge, clean picture windows — are amazing views of the ocean and mountains. Here’s the location. The atmosphere is that of a funky coffee house. I was very glad to be hosted to experience it.

I tried their goat milk caramel macchiatto, iced. I won’t say the milk wasn’t a bit goaty/gamy, but it was very different and the caramel did go well with it. I drank it up in about 30 seconds, so that tells you how refreshing it was. It was served with goat fudge, which wasn’t goaty. It was smooth, not grainy — like some homemade fudges can be. It was rich with nuts. Other goat milk items include cheesecake, plain goat milk, goat milk shakes and goat milk sundaes.

The cafe’ has WiFi, savory items like slow-braised lamb, German pork knuckle, various pasta dishes and salmon. In their retail section, I got a package of chocolate-walnut goat cheese biscotti. I’ll be chowing down on it soon!

I want to take this moment to get up on my soapbox. I was with some other (ostensibly) food writers, none of whom would try the goat milk. Seriously? I mean, unless you’re having tummy troubles or a vegan, if you’re at a place that specializes in something, why not try it? I’m not saying you have to marry it: if you don’t like it, keep it to just one or two sips. Maybe someone else at your table would like to share it. For the life of me, I can’t understand being so far from home and not trying something a little different, especially not meat-oriented. I can see not wanting to try weird exotic meats on the road — people tend to ruminate on them in their mind and the concept overwhelms any flavor benefit. But I was just shocked that supposedly people who were foodies were adamant about not trying goat milk. I think that when I sucked mine down so quickly, they were a little regretful. My lesson to you: always try the goat milk.

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