Eagle Creek lets you travel in complete comfort [classic article]

I’ve interviewed many, many touring musicians, including Charlie Daniels, Johnny Van Zant, Peter Frampton. The stars are the first ones to say that they hate the vagabond lifestyle, that nothing’s as comfy as being at home. Well, some of them are stuck in their ways! Who’s to say they have the latest and greatest in special travel gear? Eagle Creek has products that really soften the blow of being on the road. I was very glad to be hosted to experience them!

Eagle Creek has products that are unique on the market or are constructed in such a way as to be superior.

Eagle Creek electrical adapter/converter kit

Okay, travel friends, here’s the scoop. Adapters — or “plug adapters” make your cords fit the different power plug shapes of various countries. Converters bring their hot voltage in line with ours. You need BOTH, depending on what you’re plugging in. Some small appliances have switches for dual voltage. Laptops usually do. DEFINITELY check it out before-hand: Plugging something in without the converter when it needs it permanently fries your expensive equipment in an instant.

Eagle Creek packages a lighter converter — good for travel hairdryers, etc. It’s not heavy like the brick that I refer to as, “The Brick”. I had an old converter that takes up weight allowance instantly. The package includes adapter types for all the major areas of the world. I say, bring them all! You never know where you might have to get a connecting flight

Eagle Creek XL Travel Towel

Oh, you’re gonna get more use out of their X-Large travel towel than you can even imagine. Even for overnighters with the in-laws, friends, the gym, camping, even the office if you have a shower there. I had a shower backstage years ago when I soloed with the Chicago Symphony. Microfiber not only dries quickly, it dries you quickly. It even has a mesh carrying bag.

Eagle Creek Clean Dirty Cube

In the past, Mr. Travel Companion would lay claim to a prize piece of luggage real estate — very “I claim thee in the name of France!” — for dirty clothes. Thus, would start a fight. With the Clean Dirty Cube, one side is breathable, the other is water-resistant to hold in moisture and control odors. Everything in its place, not taking up too much room, not making clean clothes stinky.

Eagle Creek Mud Box

I find myself on press trips where I’m visiting Canadian cranberry boughs and dairy farms, Taiwanese state park hikes, picnicking in Austria, climbing hills in the Faroe Islands. Something always gets muddy, namely shoes. What do you do with that? Some places, you might be able to find a plastic laundry bag, but they can tear. Other places don’t understand enough English to get your peculiar request.

The Eagle Creek Mud Box is sturdy, comes in different sizes and has breathable mesh — so your gear won’t get moldy. It’s a collapsing bag, not a hard box.

Eagle Creek Ultra-Light Pack It Starter Set

There’s no getting around it: European airlines are getting strict-strict-strict about weight limits . . . even on carry-ons! Eagle Creek’s Ultra-Light Pack It Starter Set is made of thin, but tough nylon. Yet, with all of its lightness, there’s a sturdy garment folder.

Your clothes will stay organized and less wrinkled, but it won’t add any noticeable weight to your bag. Hey, you could even use them for a backpack, to stay more organized while hiking!

Eagle Creek Cat Nap Travel Blanket

I’m usually cold on planes — unless I’m roasting! — and always on car rides, train travel. The Cat Nap Blanket rolls into the size of a roll of paper towels. You can stick your feet into these wells and there’s a pocket to put a few little things, like a smart phone, passport, etc. It’s made of really cozy fleece material and is machine washable.

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