Get your traveling act together with Eagle Creek packing organizers [classic article]

With heavier enforcement of weight restrictions on airlines, as well as varied security procedures throughout the world, it’s become apparent that correct packing is more important than ever.

I remember being on one of the very first flights resumed after 9/11, flying out of Houston. Houston was considered a high security airport, in part because President Bush lives there. Well, they were pretty much grabbing everyone’s luggage going through security and hand searching. So . . . all my undies went a-flyin’ all over the floor. I wasn’t allowed to pick them up, either, during the search. Imagine, strangers handling your delicates for all the world to see!

So, that’s just one other reason besides organization to use Eagle Creek packing organizers. I was happy to be hosted to experience them!

I want you to think about the multiple ways you can use packing cubes in addition to organizing your clothes. If you get different colors, you can pack several family members’ things in one suitcase and identify them at a glance. Another great use of the various sizes are to keep an empty one as a swim bag to take to the hotel pool or beach.

Here’s a genius concept Eagle Creek has: the Pack-It™ Compression Cube Set. Just like expandable suitcases, they zip to compress or expand. Fantastic for getting where you want to go, then sticking in a few last minute souvenirs! I remember sticking in last minute packs of cocoa from Stockholm’s Fazer into my suitcase . . . this is exactly the thing you need for stuff like that!

Just because a packing set is lightweight, doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. The Pack-It Specter™ Folder Set has a folder to keep your dress shirts looking crisp and fresh! The set comes in a rainbow of bright colors and is tissue thin . . . yet super strong.

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