Gourmet use of Merlet Triple sec [classic article]

With this Polar vortex that’s crushed North America, it’s safe to say that most of us are staying inside these days, looking for comfort. Most of us probably still have holiday decor in place and are craving decadence. Walking around on ice, cleaning snow and salt off everything, certainly makes you want to treat yourself!

That’s where Merlet Triple Sec comes in! I was very happy to be hosted to experience it. The liqueur was developed with bartenders, to be low sugar and good for cocktails. I concur: those people who go for gin and tonic and more refreshing style drinks, will love it.

It has bitter orange, blood orange and lemon. They describe it has having a “minty, subtle nose, rich and powerful. After the essential oils fade away, the citruses’ finesse gets full expression. The mouth is refined, dominated first by the bitter orange, followed by the lemon, then the blood orange.” Again, I would agree with this description: it has a fresh, sweet-tart, true citrus fruit flavor. It’s clean and pure.

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