Convenient, vegan and tasty: Fawen drinkable soups

Summer is a social time: lots of outdoor eating opportunities abound. Between picnics, cookouts, ballgames, camping, hiking, hanging out at the beach, road trips and just sitting on neighbors’ porches, it’s hard to keep to a nutritious diet. But you can’t spend the whole summer eating like it’s a party! Those of you who are vegan/vegetarian find gatherings even more challenging. Can you have fun, stay healthy and eat something tasty? Yes! Fawen is a new vegan drinkable soup, packaged to take anywhere. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

These are filling soups that don’t require refrigeration — serve them chilled or at room temperature. Made from 100% organic plant ingredients, they have more fiber and less sugar than typical juices and smoothies. Most of us don’t get enough fiber. Neither do we get enough fluids. To that end, the soups have coconut water, coconut milk and filtered water. The soups have 16 vitamins and minerals. They’re gluten-free and Kosher. This is considered “clean eating”.

They don’t need to be refrigerated until you open them — then, consume within 2-3 days. You don’t need a spoon or a bowl to enjoy them! Keep one in your bag or backpack for whatever life brings your way.

Broccoli Cauliflower with Tumeric has a rich flavor — it has that satisfying quality of a Midwestern veggie cheese soup, but it’s vegan. The soup was pleasantly salty and tasty at room temperature.

Beet Cabbage doesn’t have a heavy beet flavor. I noticed exotic seasonings, but it’s not spicy. It has a lighter consistency, but there’s still some body to it. Split it with a friend or two for a perfect opener to a Middle Eastern meal! The soup is a creamy, rosy red.

Sweet Potato and Red Lentil isn’t overly sugary, but does have those pie-type spices like ginger and cinnamon to add a hint of sweetness. It’s definitely filling and substantial.


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