Whisk your jet-lag away at Lucca, Italy’s Di Simo Caffe

Crossing the pond can be tough on your system. I certainly don’t feel like myself during the day without a good cup of coffee. Apparently, neither did the great opera composer, Giacomo Puccini. He used to patronize Lucca, Italy’s Di Simo Caffe and that’s recommendation enough for me.

It’s a charming little place that more resembles an old-fashioned ice cream parlor than a coffee shop, but here, they also have a bar. The bar includes many standards familiar to Americans, along with some unusual European whiskeys and aperitifs.

I asked how much a cappuccino would be, because in a foreign country, anything can cost anything. I found out that it would be 1.20 euros, which certainly beats the pants off my local Starbucks. That’s in and around $1.50, depending on the exchange rate.

People stand at a marble counter at coffee shops, like at a bar. They put out a couple of little snacks like at a bar, too. While I wasn’t there for Happy Hour, I saw that they poured a glass of wine and put out a platter of salumi all for 5 euros, about $6.

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