Weightless help for your winter damaged hair: KMS Moist Repair

Winter weather is one of the worst things to happen to hair and there’s no winning situation, either! Either you’re outside with the cold weather that can freeze and snap hair, winds that dry it, harsh sun fades color. Even if you wear a hat, the fibers in your head covering can snag and damage your tresses. Staying indoors – all cabin-feverish – has its own pitfalls: central heating is dehydrating you as you sleep!

Leave-in conditioners are the professional’s secret to adding some oomph to your hair care routine, beyond deep conditioners and other treatment packs. There are probably hundreds of leave-in conditioners on the market, but so many of them are problematic for a number of reasons. Many are thick and waxy: you have to carefully emulsify them in your hands to distribute them evenly in your hair. Others are heavy and creamy, adding to your drying time significantly. These type of leave-ins really alter how you do your hair and also limit the type of styles you can have. No airy, fun ‘dos are possible with these type of products. Plus, if you aren’t able to get your hair perfectly dry before heading out into sub-freezing temperatures, little pieces are likely to break off.

Fortunately, there’s KMS Moist Repair to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it. It’s a leave-in conditioner spray, light and fluid. It offers instant detangling and moisture. It’s easy to use — just shake and spray throughout your hair.

KMS Moisture Repair has several natural ingredients that are known to add shine: lactic acid, malic acid, vanilla fruit extract, avocado oil and Vitamin E.

Celebrity hairdressers have been discussing as of late that a genius way to mend damaged hair is to use a leave-in conditioner with a bit of hair oil, one of the hot trends in products. So, if your really looking fried, try a few drops of hair oil or even sweet almond oil after you do your spraying.

Your spray routine begins after you shampoo and condition. If you have super-short hair and the weather is mild, you may be able to get away with just shampooing.

After using this spray, your hair will be light and fluffy, manageable and glossy.

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