Using local Maryland bounty: Clements’ Farmer’s Daughter Cupcakes

We in Baltimore sure (still) love cupcakes. How about trying a localvore cupcake — not just made in Maryland, but with Maryland produce? The Farmer’s Daughter Cupcakes in Clements, Maryland (St. Mary’s County) uses goodies like local apples and zucchinis in their delicious creations. I’m glad I had the opportunity to try them. They also make truffles, which I have no doubt are pretty amazing.

I tried the Applesauce Pecan variety: a moist spice cake with fresh graded LOCAL apples (not apples from far locales or cheap horse apples), cinnamon applesauce, chopped pecans, allspice-buttercream frosting, topped with dried apple and pecan. It’s the perfect sweet comfort food for fall! It’s perfect for a gift basket for people visiting Maryland, as well as their “Blue Velvet” cupcake, a great for Maryland take-off on red velvet cupcakes: This cupcake is a “bright blue” white cake base cupcake, filled with vanilla mousse and topped with a sweet white buttercream frosting and finished off with a chocolate blue crab on top.

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