Two styles of Hornitos tequila, perfect for Thanksgiving + cocktail recipes

Hornitos Black Barrel and Hornitos Spiced Honey tequilas

Why Hornitos tequila for your Thanksgiving table

Most people are so harried putting together elaborate Thanksgiving tables — with an almost mythical cornucopia, meant to mimic the meager little repast that the Pilgrims probably actually ate — that they forget all about the drinks.

Depending on their budget and lifestyle, they make a run for a case of the cheapest beer in town, some odd seasonal microbrew or some random bottle of wine that the liquor store cheerfully asserts goes well with turkey, string bean casserole and pumpkin pie.

How about something flavorful this year? Make this holiday the time you try your hand at cocktails using Hornitos tequila. Hornitos is well-regarded as a tequila, which is an appellation controlled beverage. That means that only certain states in Mexico can make this 100% agave spirit and thus, call it “tequila”. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Don’t worry that with all the other things you’re juggling for dinner, that you’ll have to become a mixologist on top of it. These are drinks that are easy to make and very forgiving.

Hornitos Spiced Honey tequila

Whether love tequila or liqueur, the fall flavors of the new Hornitos Spiced Honey tequila will ignite your beverage pairing imagination! I detected an agave/bitter almond nose with agave, light floral honey, almond, pecan, light spice and light smoky flavors. There is not a single food on your table for Thanksgiving that won’t be enhanced by its sophisticated, yet delightfully lightly sweet flavors! Here’s an easy recipe using it . . . but if you’re really frazzled, try mixing it with ice and ginger ale in a highball glass before dinner and by itself in a snifter after dinner!

Orange You Thankful

  • 1 Part Hornitos® Spiced Honey
  • 1 Part Orange Juice
  • ¾ Part Grapefruit Juice
  • Top with Tonic
  • Orange Peel

Preparation: Combine all ingredients except tonic in a shaker with ice, shake vigorously, strain over fresh ice and top with tonic. Garnish with an orange peel.

Hornitos Black Barrel tequila

This expression of tequila is noticeably mellow with an almond nose. It’s smooth on the palate, with a slight warming. It remains smooth upon swallowing. It doesn’t have the astringent quality of some tequilas. You’ll definitely notice the “bourbon-y” notes it’s picked up with aging in oak barrels.

They describe it as:

We start with 100% pure agave tequila and age it for 12 months in specially toasted oak barrels to create a premium Añejo tequila. It is then moved into deep charred barrels for 4 months, where it starts to pick up whiskey notes. The third aging takes place when the liquid is transferred to toasted oak barrels for 2 additional months to instill a smooth whiskey finish.

The bottle is a handsome, frosted black glass, making it a terrific hostess gift to bring. Here’s a recipe using its contents:

Hornitos® Harvest

  • 2 Parts Hornitos® Black Barrel® Tequila
  • 1 Part Pomegranate Juice
  • ½ Part Lemon Juice
  • ½ Part Simple Syrup
  • Lime Wedge

Preparation: Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice, shake vigorously and strain over fresh ice. Garnish with a lime wedge.

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