Taste the bounty of Raleigh at Market

Whether you’re headed from Baltimore to Raleigh to keep up with our “new hometeam” The Caps, staying in touch with the many Carolina roots/family members that didn’t migrate up to Charm City or even roadtrippin’ it, you might be wondering, “What does the food in Raleigh taste like?”

Market is a good place to make that assessment. Owner/chef Chad McIntyre has stash of herbs he’s growing out the door of this casual, laid-back place. To the rear, you’ll find his own apiary churning out — is that the term? — honey that he uses in recipes. The bees are mainly feasting off daisies, goldenrod and Black Eyed Susans. Are Maryland bees eating Black Eyed Susans? I suppose they should be, they being the state flower.

McIntire even has a few fruit trees that help supplement offerings he selects from the farmer’s market. He loves using seasonal veggies, even unusual ones, in his menu. For instance, he dry-cooks kale into a veggie chip, salts it, and serves it with ketchup.

McIntyre is cognisant about using sustainable fish. He’ll serve bluefish in tacos, for example.

McIntyre originally hails from Louisiana, so count on a good, hot kick in recipes. . . not even hamburger is a mundane hamburger here!

Since Raleigh does experience four seasons, he uses food preservation skills of his ancestors to keep the North Carolina bounty on the table year long. McIntyre cans and pickles both fruits and veggies. His pickled okra lends a Southern flare to his house-made Bloody Mary mix.

Chocolate for desserts comes straight from the artisan chocolate producer next door, Escaszu.

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