Capitals hockey fan? Road trip and great BBQ in Raleigh facing the Hurricanes

Well, Baltimore readers, we don’t have our own hockey team anymore, but last month, the Washington Capitals started playing in Baltimore’s First Mariner Arena. If that’s your new hometeam, you can check them out next weekend in Raleigh playing the Hurricanes at the RBC Center. For a fun viewing and dining night, definitely get tickets to The Champions Club!I’m glad I got the opportunity to experience it.

If you are really going all-out for the traditional Southern experience, you can also make private arrangements with the catering staff at RDU for a true BBQ tailgate, complete with all the fixin’s. Their BBQ, slow Hickory smoked for 12 hours. They use pork butt, not shoulder, because it’s juicier and more tender. They serve it with your choice of Eastern or Western BBQ sauce. Eastern North Carolina BBQ sauce has (at RBC) 99% red wine and rice wine vinegar, along with pepper and cayenne. Western North Carolina BBQ sauce is a combination of vinegar and ketchup, along with seasonings. Why the two sauces? Raleigh’s in the center of the state and also, the state couldn’t settle on an official BBQ in the legislature.

There are also two buffets in The Champions Club — with big screen tv’s, so you don’t miss a second of action. The buffet area has 4-top tables and comfy chairs, to spread out a bit. One buffet has pizza, casual food, while the other buffet serves fare like lemon pepper pork, salmon, turkey panini, fresh fruit with cinnamon sour cream sauce. Each guest 21 or older will receive four drink vouchers – redeemable for draft beer or house wine at the private, 45-foot, full-service Champions Club bar.

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