Be your own top-notch barista with the CoffeeGator Pour-Over Coffee Kettle

Look at any personal finance article on the first steps in saving some cash and they all talk about “skipping Starbucks”. Yet, upscale coffee was one of America’s first mass luxury products! You might not be able to afford a new watch, but you can start your day at the cube farm with a bit of excellence. Some cities have competing cafes across the street from each other — the demand is that strong.

Then, with the hand-crafted, artisan movement, the chain restaurants quickly grew out of favor with the public. Nobody wants to feel like a number! We want care and attention, even if for but a brief moment in time. But, convenience-wise and budget-wise, you might have to shower that love on yourself!

It’s okay . . . in fact, you’ll find it’s way more than okay when you make your own specially prepared coffee! You’ll really be treating yourself by using CoffeeGator Pour-Over Coffee Kettle! I was happy to be given the opportunity to experience it.

The company was started by a man who had hiked in Columbia and the only hot drink he had during that time was freshly brewed coffee.

Coffee can best be compared to how professional chefs consider omelettes or roast chicken: every ingredient, every cooking technique must be flawless, though the end result seems so simple. The water, where the beans are grown, how they are roasted, ground and cooked all factor into how the end-product will taste.

Coffee is redolent and oleaginous at its essence. How hot water is poured on it to brew is actually a very important factor. There are many instructional videos on You Tube.

The CoffeeGator kettle has a built-in thermostat, complete with optimal temperature range highlighted. Did you know you can boil your water too much? Boiling burns off oxygen, which helps carry flavor in water. This device will prevent that: perfect every time!

The needle-nose spout allows for careful, targeted and timed heating and brewing of the ground coffee. After you watch a video or two, you’ll see that you don’t want to just dump hot water on the whole mess. Little bits at a time are moistened, to better control and keep the oils from dispersing or floating away.

The ergonomic handle will allow you to easily hold the vessel and control the flow. With its modern curves attached to the brushed steel kettle, its modern design will look chic in the most chef-friendly of kitchens.

I found that the Pour-Over Kettle add quite a bit of dimension to my favorite morning joe. Though it takes a couple of extra minutes and a bit of babysitting, the resulting beverage is richer, much more fragrant and smoother.


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