Boom! Skincare & beauty for all generations

Depending on your social media’s algorithms, you may have already seen ads for Boom! By Cindy Joseph. This is a cosmetics and skincare line aimed at all generations, all races, with special love to those past child-bearing age. I’ll raise my hand for being in that demo. I have long been disconnected from putting on a “full face” on a daily basis – working remotely only accelerated that – preferring to use all the colors for special occasions. And yet, if I’m to appear in a photo or run into someone I don’t see on a regular basis, I do crave a little more polish. Nobody really wants to look like a newborn parrot. I was happy to be hosted to experience this line!

The cornerstone of Boom! is their Boomstick Trio, incorporating organic ingredients like shea butter and seed oils. All sticks are made in lipstick formula, so the FDA considers them safe if (accidentally) ingested. One stick is a portable version of their tub of all-around moisturizer, Boomsilk.

In this format, they call it Boomstick Glo. In this format, you can use it to soften laugh lines, as lip balm, for any chapped areas.

Then, there’s Boomstick Color, which is formulated to be extra sheer, the “color when you are happy”, so that it works as a layer over your own skin tone. Use it anywhere you want some rosiness or sun-kissed look. Just dab it on and blend with your fingers.

Boomstick Glimmer is a sheer, non-glitzy metallic color that you can use as a highlighter, bronzer, color. Each of the color sticks has both warm and cool tones, so they can really be used by everyone. Because they’re sheer, they look entirely natural, but give you a little more liveliness and the glow of healthy skin.

Ready to step it up a touch? Boom Gloss is super-moisturizing and especially formulated for women over 50. The slightly shimmery, golden tint works with your own lip’s color in a non-garish way. Packaged in a slanted-tip tube, it has a lemon cake scent, but no flavor. All of the company’s packaging is designed to be as minimalist as possible, put in organic, fair-trade cotton bags. Nothing looks quite as trying-too-hard as gloppy, spidery tar-black mascara. You want to avoid the previously referenced newborn parrot eyes, but keep things flattering for more mature eyes.

Boom Bright softly moisturizes, lengthens and defines lashes with a softer black color. The applicator brush is a real point of difference: one side helps lengthen lashes, while the other gets at lower lashes or broken lashes, along with separating them as well as any tool could.

Boom Brow is a brow mousse applied with a small spoolie brush. It comes in Taupe and Medium Brown, which will go with any hair color softly – even if you have grey or black hair. You want to keep it subtle. It gives shape and a hint of tint to wayward brow hairs. Now, if you are really missing a brow, you might still need to use a soft-colored pencil.

Boom! doesn’t churn out “anti-aging” products, rather, they prefer the term, “pro-aging”. They definitely ensure that when using their minimalist makeup routine, the skin underneath is at its best. First, start with Gentle Daily Cleanser. It’s a gleaming fluid gel consistency incorporating citric acid, sea salt, witch hazel and grapefruit peel oil. The citrus keeps the cleanser refreshing, instead of too creamy or gummy.

Deep-Cleaning Exfoliant is in a tube and comes out like a light, creamy pudding. It has some grit for the sloughing, but it’s rough or pasty. It rinses off very easily.

Cooling Restorative Moisturizer is for after exposure to any extreme weather, hot or cold. I have scars from an old burn accident and its sensitive to all those conditions. The moisturizer has lots of natural healing ingredients, like olive oil, witch hazel, beeswax, royal jelly, lavender, calendula and geranium oils. You can reapply throughout the day. Cosmetics will apply more smoothly over this. Though it’s a creamy lotion consistency, the aloe still adds cooling properties. They suggest keep it in the refrigerator!

Speaking of weather, whatever the weather is, you’ve gotta wear sunscreen! Their Boom Sun SPF 30+ Daily Sunscreen is very liquid and dries quickly. It’s not one of those gooey screens. It’s considered very gentle.

In the category of “how do they do that?”, comes Boom Cotton. This is a rich moisturizer that leaves a matte finish! It has shea butter, jojoba oil, sea buckthorn oil (said to be rich in Vitamin C), beeswax, Vitamin E and honey. It’s a semi-solid balm that you run your fingers over, then emulsify it. While you’re comforting your skin, you still will look cool, calm and collected.

Boom Nectar is a serum you can use all over your face, including your eyes. It’s a very thin, sheer liquid, so instantly absorbed by your skin. It won’t interfere with makeup application or make it pill. Serums have more concentrated ingredients than moisturizers, so they go under moisturizer.

Boom Silk – the larger format of Boom Glo – is great for the whole body. It has a thick, crème consistency that liquifies upon contact with your skin. This is the product to use under the big cotton nightie, socks, gloves for magic transformation in the morning.Facial oils have been all the rage for some time now.

Boom Gold is considered the most luxurious of their products. This richer consistency product adds luminosity to your skin or mixed with cosmetics. It’s also great aromatherapy! Boom Gold features pure organic ingredients including: Organic Grape Seed Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Organic Raspberry Oil, Organic Tamanu Oil, Organic Raw Honey with Naturally Occurring Royal Jelly, Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil, Organic Turmeric Essential Oil, Organic Frankincense Essential Oil, Organic Helichrysum Essential Oil.    

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