Keep your pet healthy and non-stinky with Zoop wipes

My dog, Madam C.J., is a rescue dog. She spent the first year of her life with another name and I was determined that she’d understand her new one. So, I started singing to her incessantly — to the tune of La Cucaracha — “Madam C.J., Madam C.J., stinky stinky little girl.” Seven years and a few gray hairs in her mop (!) later, she does know her name. But she’s pretty smart and there must be something in my tone of voice that indicates “stinky” is pejorative. Well, she is stinky! I’m not even going to say what her breath smells like.

Now there’s a simple way to clean off all pets: Zoop Health + Odor Wipes. I was happy to be hosted to experience them! They’re apparently gentle enough that Madam doesn’t really fuss when I use them, either.

The wipes are individually wrapped in foils, just like towelettes. You can used them to clean teeth, around eyes, all over! So convenient when your pet gets into God-knows-what. They use silver ion as the principal ingredient to do their magic: no SLS, alcohol, iodine, cortisone or damaging oils. They have no added fragrance, either. Keep them in the house, in your day pack, in the glove compartment!

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