Redken will beautify your ‘do for the holidays!

Now that you and your besties will be seeing each other and gifting each other for the holidays, your ‘do will be a big to-do! So, what’s the hot style these days? Well, you may have noticed that seasonal cutting edge (if that’s not too terrible a pun) trendiness has pretty much gone by the wayside.

These days, you want to work with what you have. Give some tender loving care to tresses that you may have been neglecting for a long, long time. Redken has some new products with modern formulations that will have you looking cute for all of your holiday photos. You may have some loved ones who would love the gift of luxurious looking hair. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Maybe many years ago, you tried dry shampoo and you didn’t much for it. Back in the day, they were like sprayed soap powder that had a weird texture and was very difficult to brush out. When you did, your hair would have a deadened, cheap wig look. Dry shampoo has become a whole new game and Redken makes several.

Why a dry shampoo to begin with? Where does it fit in with your beauty and self-care routine? There are lots of times and situations where water isn’t the best — or even an available — option. You might want a fresh and presentable style in the winter, but don’t want to wet yourself down and carefully dry your hair so as to not have the cold freeze and break off the ends. Maybe you’re not feeling well and want to easily lift your spirits. Have you headed back to the gym? Good for you! Now you can slip in a workout at lunchtime without announcing your routine to the whole office. Are you staying at an older family member’s home during the holidays, the kind with one bathroom and 8 relatives? Perhaps you are re-doing your bath, like so many have during the lengthy pandemic. Also — and this is big — many stylists say that when you’ve colored your hair, the longer you can go without getting water on your hair, the better the color locks in.

Deep Clean Dry Shampoo will let you go as much as 4 days before washes, but has a light, refreshing consistency. You shake the can, spray it up and down your hair and brush out. It has a light fresh breeze fragrance. You hair won’t be sticky or crunchy or soapy feeling.

For most people these days, their common method of styling is with a blow dryer and a brush. After all, you don’t see people with finger waves, pin curls, rag rollers, even sleeping in braids.

But it’s important to remember that the temperature of your blow dryer is about the same as you’d turn on to cook a souffle! I think lots of folks forget to use heat protection on their hair before drying, but it’s probably the best way to save your tresses from frying and breaking. If you stopped “being able to grow” your hair years ago, think about it: does that time period coincide with when you stopped air drying? Redken has many, many types of thermal protectors in all strengths and consistencies.

Quick Blowout is a new, liquid pump spray with a sweet fragrance that they describe as citrus, vanilla and sandalwood. It provides protection up to 450 degrees (and you wouldn’t be using a higher temperature, 450 is hot enough to bake sourdough bread). You shake the bottle and spray on towel-dried hair before drying. As to quick, this is how I experienced it: my hair is very porous and takes forever to dry. This spray made it like “normal” hair and didn’t add any weight or crispiness to my style.

Flat, lank hair is out. But you don’t want to look like a 1980s high school yearbook photo or have the crispiness of a waffle chip. Big Blowout heat protecting blowout jelly is a new volumizer that also protects your hair up to 450 degrees. It has a light, tropical floral fragrance, which they describe as rhubarb, orange flower and cedar wood. It provides good lift and liveliness, without having a waxy or plasticized texture. You don’t look like you have product in there and it doesn’t feel like you have product in there.

Controlling frizzy hair has changed immensely in the past several years. Products used to leave hair like overcooked spaghetti, not able to hold a shape and masking all natural texture. Redken has a very modern take on the look we want. Frizz Dismiss is a line of products that are sodium chloride-free and sulfate-free. What it has is sustainably harvested babassu oil, from the South American nut. It’s considered to have many of the same nutritious aspects as coconut oil. The rich shampoo and conditioner have an aquatic fragrance. You will be able to comb your hair without extra products, it will cut that out of control frizzy look, but you won’t look like you’re wearing a wig.

If your hair is severely dry or damaged — you’ve got that cotton candy thing going — you need Redken’s Acidic Bonding Concentrate line. Whether your home hair coloring is overlapping applications, you swim, cold weather has ravaged your ‘do, you don’t automatically have to go for the big chop any more. Citric acid works on strengthening the weakened bonds. There’s a shampoo with 7% the citric acid complex, a conditioner with 11% of the complex and a leave-in treatment with 5% complex. The products have a light fruity fragrance. Here are some of the other benefits that they found in studies:

56% less breakage*

82% less visible split ends**

11x smoother hair**

Heat protection up to 450° F

pH balancing

For all hair types and textures

Ulimate repair, intense conditioning, and hair color fade protection

They advise to apply the leave-in treatment to clean, damp hair, which I do, but I also put some in after heading out on a blustery day, for example. It doesn’t make your hair greasy or rub off, so you can put some in overnight, too. It makes hair that you may have thought was totally destroyed look like it got its health back.

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