Luxury for your pet: Prince Lorenzo’s Royal Treatment

You may remember Prince Lorenzo Borghese from The Bachelor. He comes from both a beautiful heritage and a heritage of beauty: this Italian prince is the grandson of the founder of Borghese cosmetics. His father worked for Revlon and Max Factor, while his mother, brother and sister-in-law all work for the upscale Perlier skin and bodycare line.

Lorenzo is an animal lover and rescue advocate. When his beloved dog Belle had terrible allergy problems, he enlisted the help of his family, one of Italy’s top human cosmetics manufacturer, world-renowned veterinarians, and other pet experts to create Prince Lorenzo’s Royal Treatment line, available online at My rescue dog Madam, with whom I just celebrated our 6th anniversary together, was happy to be hosted to experience it! Lorenzo pronounced a photo of her as “beautiful”, a compliment she’s still dining out on.

The product line is formulated on the outskirts of Tuscany, Italy of 100% handpicked and natural ingredients. They explain the point of difference like this:

Dogs, unlike humans, have non-porous skin. As a result, they can’t lubricate their skin like humans. Harsh surfactants tend to pull lipids off the skin and hair shaft. Lipids are on the skin to help prevent water loss. Once pulled off, a dog’s skin becomes dry and irritated due to its inability to naturally lubricate. For this reasons, veterinarians often recommend only bathing your pet when necessary. This is not the case with our grooming products which can be used whenever your pet needs or deserves a bath.

The products come in many natural, Italian scents, including Pink Grapefruit, Lavender and Cashmere, Fresh Currant and Blackberry and even non-scented Italian Virgin Olive Oil. Madam tried Milk, Vanilla and Organic Oatmeal.

Tearless & Brightening Shampoo The olive and nut oils, along with floral extracts, combine in the shampoo to make a vanilla-spice-cake scent. It’s creamy and has some lather, but it doesn’t suds like a car wash. While I had everything going on for her bath, I accidentally got some in her eye. I felt so bad! But more importantly, she didn’t. I rinsed it out, but really got no reaction from her. Relief!

Moisturizing Detangler Conditioner has a creamy vanilla scent. It’s thick and rich, but thankfully, doesn’t take a lot of work to rinse out. I used my detachable shower head. After Madam was towel-dried, I felt her very soft fur that wasn’t greasy and didn’t leave her hair stringy. It was so shiny, I started eyeballing it!

Even though your pet is so precious, they can get stinky when you don’t feel like — or aren’t able to — scrub out the bath or stationary tub. You might be on a walk or on the road when they roll around on dead beach fish, cicadas, other dogs’ poop, whatever. When your pet becomes less than charming, Tearless & Instant Bath Spritz is an instant, no-rinse bath with just a spray or two. Organic Italian Milk and Vanilla scent is fresh and sweet. Here are its fragrance oils: Milk, Cream, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Sandalwood, Vanilla, White Musk, Amber, Tonka Bean.

The spritz is also helpful with brushing your pet’s fur when they wake up with the same crazy bed-head that you get. It’s also an instant save when they’ve walked in mud and are beelining it to your rug or bed linens.

It’s also safe to use on puppies and with flea/tick medicine.

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