Revive the beauty of your hands and self this summer with Aveeno

I’m at the tail end of my birthday, which is at the tail end of summer. Between me living a full life — traveling around Europe, swimming outdoors, working my window box farm —  as well as having my hands been in a couple of major accidents (fingers reattached, severe burn) — my hands were aging rapidly. It didn’t keep me up at night, but it certainly put a dent in the ol’ self esteem. It’s hard to feel elegant with a couple of dog paws. The good news is, with careful, gentle treatment, it’s possible to effectuate real change with your skin. Aveeno has several new, innovative additions to their line. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

For over 70 years, Aveeno has been conducting scientific investigations with colloidal oatmeal — even impressing the Mayo Clinic — as well as with other holistic ingredients.

When you’re sunburned or have broken out, irritated, sweat-clogged skin in summer, you want thorough, yet gentle cleansing. If you’ve been gardening, you don’t want harsh chemicals to soak your dirt-gouged nails in. Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash is all new and improved. This fragrance-free liqui-gel is packaged in a squeeze bottle. This oat and glycerin-based cleanser can be used by anyone and makes for a gentle shaving gel, too. It’s easy rinsing, soap-free, dye-free, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic.

Along with colloidal oat, also count yogurt, apricot and honey have been used for millennia to sooth and cleanse skin. Plus, they make you smell like delicious baby skin! Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash, with Apricot Scent and Honey, makes for a sweet summer shower or a fragrant hand soak. They also suggest it for shaving and I’ll also suggest it to soak lingerie! This silky textured liquid has those healing yogurt proteins, which gently brighten skin.

I have terribly dry skin that actually gets painfully itchy. I’ve been known to scratch my back with forks when desperate enough. Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion is packaged in a pump bottle, convenient to use for itchy, extra-dry skin. It has a triple complex of oat flour, oat extract and oat oil, along with rich shea butter, to last for 24 hours! It’s not gloopy, greasy or waxy. It won’t make your hands slippery. As a former professional violinist, I use that as a scale (if that’s not too terrible a pun): you can handle papers and newsprint right after using it, but your fingers will be moist enough where I wouldn’t touch violin varnish right away. I didn’t notice any discernible scent.

Influenced by the chic “K beauty” trend, Aveeno has new paper hand masks! I’ve tried many masks like these, so I was eager to see the points of difference. They have a plastic liner and a self-tape on the wrist, to keep liquid from dripping — but it doesn’t really drip! There’s a spa line out there that has super, duper expensive hand masks and I find the Aveeno ones quite comparable. You keep them on for 10 minutes, then just massage the remaining treatment in. Perfect for traveling! Radiance Boosting Hand Mask has oat and soy: soy is a natural brightener. So, on my ravaged hands, I definitely noticed an easing of the lines and scales. Nourishing Hand Mask is a pure softener, for those dry, irritated hands. So, have you been sloppy in using chemicals like nail polish remover, window cleaner or even washing your dog? You can use a quick hit of deep moisture from this oat mask.

Do you crave a super-charged treatment that’s still light enough to get things done? Something you can still use your phone, laptop and car after applying? Skin Relief Hand Cream is in a squeeze tube, perfectly sized for TSA compliance. It’s fragrance free and for those of you who know about frequent cream applications, you’ll appreciate that it’s steroid-free. It even lasts through hand-washing, up to 24 hours! Health care workers, you’ll love it.

You can find Aveeno online, at big box stores, 24 hour grocery and drug stores, too!



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