Easy glamorous makeup look for resort season: Stila

With the Antarctic weather so much of the country is experiencing, who could blame you for planning a vacay in the warm sun? Resort time is here! Busy picking out the perfect jewelry to go with your outfits? Yeah . . . don’t do that. Flashing gems abroad can make you a target. Plus, you could ruin them in salt water, the hot tub, the sand on the beach. So, how to add a little glam to your simple, cotton-y looks? Stila has some perfectly gleaming, easy to wear makeup that will provide all the pretty adornment you need when relaxing. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

So, you want to glisten, but glitter is just too-too. I understand. Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow is surprisingly easy to apply and wonderfully flattering for all ages, skin tones. They come in a range of pearly metallics that are highly pigmented, but light and smooth to apply. These colors will pop your whites, navies and blacks, along with adding a sparkling look to pastels.

There is no gritty “texture” to it. Once it dries — in just a few seconds — it doesn’t budge. No melting, no drifting. It comes with the more modern paddle applicator. which I like infinitely more than the old “doe foot” applicator. It’s not fuzzy or stick-like. It’s flexible and with its shape, picks up more color the first time around.

Stay All Day Shimmer Liquid Lipstick comes in reds, roses and nudes. It has microglimmer and also applies with a paddle. It’s highly pigmented. I think this is a fresher look, with the shimmer, because it gets away from the flat, matte looks that used to be so popular. Like the eye shadow, it’s completely weightless. But I see the shimmer as adding dimension without adding texture. I think the natural texture of lips is sexier than goop. This color lasts 12 hours without rubbing or licking off. It will give you the shine without melting gloss. Your hair won’t get stuck in it when you’re out having fun!


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