Treat yourself right in 2019 with Giuliana Rancic’s skincare line: Fountain of Truth

Giuliana Rancic has seen the peaks and valleys of life, for sure. The E! News host is married to the first winner of The Apprentice, Bill Rancic . . . so, that’s connected! But the couple had trouble conceiving a child. During IVF treatments, she found out she had cancer. She survived cancer and a surrogate successfully delivered her child. During this time, she had difficulty finding skincare products that were clean, effective, yet gentle enough to use with her compromised health. Being enterprising herself, she started Fountain of Truth skincare. I was very happy to be hosted to experience it!

I have not had cancer — thank God! — but my dad died from it. I remember how dry and itchy his skin was in the hospice. As for myself, I was in a fire about 25 years ago. Sometimes, like in the lovely harsh weather we’ve been having, my scars come back. So, I certainly know what it’s like not to know what to use on your skin. It’s not easy . . . just recently, someone tried to FaceTime me when the scars were out. I clicked off, demurring with, “Oh, were you trying to FaceTime me? I thought my phone was breaking.” Having good skin is very important to your self-esteem. `

Fountain of Truth’s point of difference is that it incorporates fermented botanicals as fermenting is thought to make them break down into smaller molecules, thus more accessible to the layers of skin.

Take It Off Cleansing Balm comes in a tube that opens/closes by twisting without a lid. This true cinnamon scented (the real kind, with floral notes) squirts out as a gel-balm, but becomes milky with the addition of water. I had some nasty fiber mascara on that was getting under my contacts and I needed to get it off instantly. It came off! The product comes with a muslin cloth that you can use to exfoliate in a gentle, non-chemical way. It rinses out easily at the sink. The balm incorporates organic argan oil, tumeric and Vitamin E. Ayurvedic medicine — and a health care provider I had — teaches that tumeric has been reducing inflammation for millennia.

Insta-Face Lift Elixir sure has an alluring name. It’s packaged quite chicly, too. A twist of the glossy copper colored cap reveals a pop-up pump. The ingredients stay fresh! It has an elegant scent that I can’t quite place my finger on. Ms. Rancic lives in Chicago and I’m from Chicago . . . it reminds me maybe of a violin dealer’s foyer I was in, when I had to purchase a new bow. His family’s home was on Chicago’s tony Gold Coast. I remember it was covered in peach marble. At any rate, I detected spicy fruit notes. The creamy serum consistency product helps tighten saggy skin, which bothers me more than wrinkles. It incorporates flower extract and black cumin seed (nigella) oil, which has essential fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids  — which are the building blocks of protein.

Good Day Souffle’ is their day cream. Similarly chicly packaged, it pumps out as a very rich, soothing cream consistency. Along with argan oil, it has hibiscus flower, maca root, fig fruit acids and alpha hydroxy acids, which help dissolve dead cells. Your skin will feel quite moist, but if you wait for a minute after using it, you won’t have any difficulties applying makeup. In clinical trials, the vast majority saw lots of improvements. It gives your complexion a smooth, plumped look.

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