Lutherville’s Stone Mill Bakery: TGIF lobster roll day {Classic Article }

Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Lutherville’s Stone Mill Bakery is definitely where the chic go to meet, greet and eat. Sometimes, a place like that can forget about the food, but they actually remain a favorite treat. A special treat it must be, at $24.95 for their lobster rolls. On a holiday Friday afternoon, the lines for fresh soups and the weekly lobster roll were longer than ever.

It was a gorgeous day and I realized that they have a few tables outside, along with attractive stone sculpture gardens. I saw someone with a sheepdog, but that may have been a puppy snuck around back.

The lobster was as luscious as ever, with heavy claw meat, mayo and black pepper. Simply seasoned, no tarragon or what have you, overpowering things.

I also ordered the gazpacho. It was very tomato-y, with pureed green pepper and three large shrimp. The shrimp were garlic-flavored and served warm, garnishing the soup. They were reminiscient of Tio Pepe’s Spanish garlic shrimp! The soup had good “snap,” herbs and spice.

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