My interview with the late Leslie Glass: International Penthouse Pet, adult film star [classic article]

Leslie Glass is a friend to animals and a fantasy to millions of men. As she fights for her life, she talks to Green about her livelihood.

Leslie Glass is a 30-something model, dancer, guardian angel, and animal rescuer via her non-profit organization Pets4Pets, Inc. She was also 1994’s International Penthouse Pet of the Year. She currently lives in Florida, but hails from Baltimore, where she attended the prestigious Maryland Institute College of Art. She has been diagnosed with liver and colon cancer, but still maintains a fairly frenetic schedule. Leslie’s ex-husband was a Count, a member of the Monaco nobility.

So, are you still able to work?

Well, I don’t travel around as much. I still go to New York and Miami for fashion shoots, and also, I go to Baltimore once a month for treatment with Dr. VanEcho at the University of Maryland.

That must get expensive.

Well, Penthouse pays for my airfare and also for ad space for anything I might be promoting.

How much money did you make in your best year from Penthouse?

$45,000. But, I also got the right from them to use the name “Pets for Pets, Inc.” for my non-profit.

What about the International title? Was that worth any money?

Penthouse donated $5,000 to my animal rescue.

What kind of guys tip the most when you’re dancing?

It’s a tourist trap. You can’t even get in unless nicely dressed. The average age of the guys is between 25 and 60. They are there on business or from yachts. I guess the best tippers are white guys in their 40s.

Are you promoting anything now?

I had the animal rescue poster with Seana Ryan (another Penthouse Pet), but it sold out. Right now, I am going to be in a nude calendar put out by Platinum (a dance club in Ft. Lauderdale)– I will be in April and October as an angel and harem girl. Then, in 2 weeks, I am going to pose again for the special Penthouse coming out in October, to promote cancer awareness. I hope to be on the cover, but I will get paid $2,000 plus expenses, regardless. I will be bald and they will be doing a special Star Trek-looking set.

“I still dance three times a week at Platinum, when I’m up to it. The dancing keeps me motivated to stay healthy, although there are times when I just can’t.”


What else?

Well, I am able to sell my adult films; I get them wholesale. I still dance three times a week at Platinum, when I’m up to it. The dancing keeps me motivated to stay healthy, although there are times when I just can’t. I can’t keep killing myself! I earn about the same as the other girls.

Which is?

I’d rather not say. I’m on Medicaid in Florida.

What about the money from your films?

I can’t talk about that, because of the other people involved.

Do you need anything?

No, I really don’t. I have really pared down, simplified. I don’t have all the properties I used to have, just a two-bedroom apartment and the car. People have been so nice, donating holistic vitamins, blenders, juicers.

What about the pets?

I would like to re-open a dog grooming and animal cancer clinic like I had in Baltimore (Leslie owned “Doggie With a Mohawk”). I am working on getting back up; I didn’t like the webmaster. That was making about $1,500 a month. Of course, the most important thing is Pets4Pets, Inc. It’s buying a 30-acre farm in Maryland for animals. I have someone who rescues dogs in West Virginia and someone who rescues cats in Maryland. If people want to donate to Pets4Pets, Inc., that would really be appreciated. They should send their check or money order to: Pets4Pets, Inc. 3389 Sheridan St., #402, Hollywood, FL 33021.

Do you handle all of this yourself?

No, I have a really good accountant here in Florida.

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