US #1 patrotic hotel – The Jefferson in DC – welcomes Mr. Jefferson with Monti [classic article]

Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq

Happy Fourth of July! It’s not only Independence Day, but it’s also the anniversary of the death of Founding Father and President Thomas Jefferson. This week, named The Jefferson hotel in DC the #1 patriotic hotel in the US! Here’s even more good news: it’s pet friendly and has a terrific mascot, little beagle Lord Monticello (“Monti”)! I and my dog, Mr. Jefferson were happy to be hosted to experience it.

As you can see by Monti’s bio HERE, he and my Mr. Jefferson have a similar life story. Jeffy, so named because of his red hair, was also born in West Virginia. He, too, was abandoned there and found his way to a police station in Essex, Maryland and eventually, to the Baltimore County pound. I adopted him on April 12, 2004, the day before Thomas Jefferson’s birthday. So, he’s an old-timer who is now hard of hearing and very near-sighted. Some days, he’s a little senile.

The Jefferson is a luxury hotel and Mr. Jefferson seems to love luxury! They don’t require that you crate your dogs when not in the room, though I didn’t leave him alone. He’s so anxious and at his age, I didn’t want to aggravate him. The hotel puts out a special cushy dog bed for the pups, ceramic water and food bowls, plus a little card.

Jeffy and Monti did get to meet and they seem to have the same personalities: sweet, shy and eventually willing to go for the butt. That’s how dogs are!

I love traveling with my dog, as I really don’t sleep well without him in the room. Many people must feel the same way, and thus, The Jefferson has become pet-friendly. The rooms were very quiet — even though right in the nation’s capital — so we both were put at ease.

In the front lobby are original documents signed by Thomas Jefferson, plus decor that reflect his Charlottesville area home, Monticello. There’s lots of staff on hand, able to assist you in all of your visiting needs.

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