Montreal Trudeau Airport: you might want to pack a lunch [classic article]

It’s a funny thing: there are many wonderful restaurants in Montreal, serving delicacies like poutine, steak frites, Chinese cuisine in an world-famous Chinatown, and authentic Jewish delis on St. Laurent Street. One deli is owned by a Greek guy who looks just like my dad!

Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Sadly, from what I observed at Montreal Trudeau Airport today, there was no sign of that tradition of deliciousness in the terminal I was in. There were only about 3 little places, pretty much selling the nasty things one used to get on the actual airplane: overdone shoe-style roast beef, dark tuna sandwiches, mystery sandwiches that were hidden by bags and bread, as well as other culinary shocks.

The prices were pretty steep, too. I understand that airports will generally charge more, but lately, I was on a streak for finding great values with delicious, high quality meals. Check them out herehere and HERE.

Today’s meal at Tatami Sushi should never have been. I was standing in an interminable line, got out, walked around. I looked at the sushi and was not feeling it. After time was ticking, I needed to get the sushi or forget lunch. As you’ll see by the photos, there’s little to no fish in the roll, which was over $7. I added a seaweed salad for some vitamins, and that was unbelievably over $7 as well. I also got an artisan sparkling lemonade with pomegranate that wasn’t bad. I can’t say the same about the seaweed salad. I couldn’t eat more than like, 3 bites. It had a rancid vegetable flavor. Did I throw out my computer power cord at the same time? I just may have!

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