Will John Waters help make a vodka for Baltimore? [classic article]

Absolut Vodka Brooklyn was launched with the help of filmmaker Spike Lee. It’s a limited edition vodka flavored with red apple and ginger (imagine the cocktails you could make!), with some of the proceeds going to help NYC’s Habitat for Humanity. Other cities who have benefited from Absolut’s largesse were:

Absolut VANCOUVER (City themed bottle series limited to 60,000 bottles, launched in 2010)

Absolut NEW ORLEANS (Mango and Black Pepper flavour launched in August 2007). This is a special edition in an annual city themed series. 100% of the profits go toward various Gulf Coast charities.

Absolut LOS ANGELES (Acai, Acerola, Pomegranate, and Blueberry flavour mix launched in July 2008). This is the 2nd in the city themed series. Absolut is donating $250,000 from the sale of Absolut Los Angeles to Green Way LA

Absolut BOSTON (Black tea and Elderflower flavour with Clear bottle, green label launched August 2009). Let me tell ya’ — elderflower is still going VERY strong with mixologists and just plain bartenders all over the world. Petit Louis uses it in their house cocktail.

Somebody should get John Waters to design a bottle and flavor to help Baltimore! It could be something to go well with Old Bay-flavored Bloody Marys. We sure could use some charity these days…

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