Time for a morning Chesapeake Sunrise cocktail! Square One Cucumber is perfect (recipe) [classic article]

Lots of articles have been written about how Bloody Mary drinks just don’t work as an opening drink if you’re going to have food with brunch. Sure, the “liquid lunch” still exists and so Bloody Marys still have their place. Eat the celery garnish if you’re famished.

But when you’re going to serve a beautiful brunch — like many of us are doing during the holidays — the experts say it’s best to have something with a slightly sweet bent. You want a cocktail that will go with the waffles, fruit cups, pancakes, etc. Yet, you don’t want a dessert-like drink.

Square One Cucumber vodka to the rescue! It’s made with 100% organic American rye and pristine water from the Teton Mountains. I was glad to have had the chance to try it.

The vodka is in a chic, streamlined bottle. It has a robust cucumber peel flavor, with a light cucumber nose. It’s very smooth. This is what they say about it:

We crafted Square One Cucumber by combining the essence of organic cucumber with our original certified organic American rye vodka. To keep cucumber’s fresh aroma, we applied the same skills used to capture the aromatics of flowers and plants in natural fragrances.

Interestingly enough, the folks in Wyoming must think of us in Maryland and have created the perfect cocktail for us, since we have the ingredients on hand at any time and it goes with our Mid-Atlantic cuisine:

Chesapeake Sunrise

2 oz. Square One Cucumber vodka

3 oz. orange juice

1 small bar spoon Old Bay

Now, I was skeptical about the Old Bay part and put a scant small bar spoon in . . . I ended up adding a good pinch more! It really adds to the drink!

Take a shaker and mix the ingredients, pour it into a Collins glass filled with ice. Easy! It works for brunch and it’s refreshing, not too sweet.

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