Caribou Crossing — a new Canadian Whisky that people will love + cocktail recipe

Recently, I was fortunate to be invited to try the new Canadian Whisky, Caribou Crossing Single Barrel Canadian Whisky, 80 proof, under the Buffalo Trace family. Yes! They’re getting into the Canadians. Color-wise, it is a golden going into amber hue. Fragrance-wise, it has an apple/honey fragrance, like clover honey. At 80 proof, it’s very drinkable. It starts out very light, almost sweet, on the tongue, but progresses into tingly hot fireworks in the mouth.

How to highlight something so easy to sip? I researched it and had my ah-ha moment with the “Ukranian Shooter”. You take a shot of the Canadian Whisky and follow it up with a bite of sour dill pickle. Don’t fool around with jarred grocery store stuff — get yours at Attman’s or Euro Deli. The whisky enhances the pickle and the pickle mellows your mouth for more whisky! It’s really delightful and an easy to make “cocktail”.

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